The Břevnov monastery, the oldest male monastery in Bohemia, has been closely connected with beer brewing since its foundation in 993. The first written mention of beer brewing on Czech territory was from Břevnov monastery. The brewery operated here with several breaks until 1889.

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This long tradition is followed by a new brewery built in 2011. The brewery is located in the baroque building of the former stables. Part of the brewery is a permanent exhibition of beer glass and a smaller brewery museum. In front of the brewery building there is a small hop field. Up to 20 different types of beer are brewed annually in the brewery, 6 of which are permanent. The offer includes traditional Czech beers as well as various foreign beer styles. Some of the beers are suitable for archiving or aging in wooden barrels. The maximum annual production of the brewery is 4,000 hl of beer. The beers are bottled and kegs, and the draft version is available mostly in Prague pubs.